Desirable Attributes of Applicants

Communication : Verbal / Written / Telephone / Body Language

Communication is a vital area of importance, especially as some of our clients will have communication difficulties themselves.

You will need to be able to speak English clearly, take clear telephone messages, write instructions and reports clearly and read reports and instructions clearly.

Consistency of action 

Many of the care plans we use require consistency of staff behaviours.

You will need to be able to carry out your duties in a consistently high manner and be consistent in your behaviours towards clients and other staff members. Any form of agitation, confusion or forgetfulness may compromise the safety of our clients or fellow employees.

Coping with pressure

You may find yourself in many situations that cause some degree of distress, it is important not to react in an anxious, scared or panicked way, but in a solid calm manner to deal with the situation professionally.

Change can also cause work pressure, but as we continuously strive to carry out a better service to our clients, it is important for you to be able to embrace change and encourage the strive for excellence.

Interaction with other staff members

Lucy Glyn staff work harmoniously in challenging conditions towards a common goal. It is important that any new team member understands and embraces the concept of team working and is supportive of others during difficult times.

Sitting / walking / standing / stairs

As a carer with us, your job may often involve sitting, standing, walking for several hours per shift. Also some of our properties will involve walking up and down steps and stairs many times.

Manual dexterity 

Many of the jobs you will be asked to do will involve some degree of manual dexterity – dispensing medicines, helping with washing, etc.

Assisting our Clients will often involve lifting and carrying items up to a maximum usual weight of XXXX Kg

Coping with clients with severe disabilities

Some of our clients have very challenging behaviours that may sometimes result in bouts of abusive language, uncaring or cutting remarks, hurtful comments either directed to yourself and / or others, or unusual behaviour towards situations or others. It is important for such outbursts / behaviours not to be taken too personally and to react in a professional caring way with an understanding of the persons disability and its resultant possible outcomes.

All applicants must have the following!

Good communication skills both written and verbal

Able to use their own initiative 

Calm under pressure

Committed to working in a person centred manner

Able to deal with difficult or challenging situations

Honest, reliable and committed

Can demonstrate that they are committed to inclusion and equality