My sister is very happy and secure living at Lucy Glyn. Since moving to Lucy Glyn she has the nearest thing to family surroundings that she has had for a long time. She treats the place as her home and has expert care and support at all times. This active support extended to her stay in hospital when she was seriously ill, which could be argued to be outside their direct responsibility.

They really go that extra mile....

           Bill (Brother of a client supported by Lucy Glyn Support Services)

I find the management team to be pro-active and supportive…I am impressed at the level of effort involved in Person Centred Care

     Vaughn (Community Support Worker for Lucy Glyn Support Services)

I have worked for Lucy Glyn for just under three years now, from the very start I was impressed with the commitment, enthusiasm and dedication of the management, which infectiously rolls down to the staff supporting the clients. As time has gone by, I have appreciated the compassionate and caring approach that the senior management employ when dealing with sensitive issues with both clients and staff alike. The standards of care and support given to the clients within the Lucy Glyn umbrella is of very high calibre. The thorough training of Lucy Glyn staff is also of a very high standard, which is of course focused on improving staff skills and confidence, enabling them to enhance the quality of life and well-being of each individual. Constant assessment and re-evaluation ensures that Lucy Glyn staff always strive to give the best opportunities, and the best support to all the clients as is possible. I would not hesitate in highly recommending Lucy Glyn to anyone.

     Mike (Community Support Worker and Team Leader for Domiciliary at Lucy Glyn Support Services)

Sometimes I am asked what do I get pleasure from and my immediate response is I take great pleasure when I see a client out walking and we sit on a park bench and I can see them smiling as the world goes by. I gain great pleasure supporting people to enjoy new experiences especially after they were unsure about taking part beforehand.

  Paul (Community Support Worker and Team Leader for Domiciliary at Lucy Glyn Support Services)

Our son was most unsettled in two other care locations. Lucy Glyn have turned his life around in a most positive way.

We have had great support from the staff there who have kept in constant touch with us, keeping us updated each time he is brought to us each Thursday for an overnight stay, passing on verbal information on his activities and behaviour during the week and letting us know of highlights, current likes and dislikes and any ‘trigger points’ causing him to be unsettled in any situation.  We have really good support from the staff.

Each month we have a full written report of his activities and progress, often including photographs of the regular trips out to e.g., the seaside, and his handling of a variety of situations via an email attachment.  The flow of information is useful to us so that we can offer him constancy in line with Lucy Glyn’s handling behavioural incidents when he comes to us.

Our son has shown a tremendous sustained improvement in his time at Lucy Glyn and is really happy there, telling us of the various planned activities when he comes to us and we have nothing but praise and gratitude for the caring way they have looked after our son.

                     Bill and Linda (Parents of a Client Supported by Lucy Glyn Support Services)

My daughter resides at Lucy Glyn and has lived there for the last seven years.  
She is a wonderful young woman with a complex range of issues which requires a twenty four/ seven regime.

My husband and I searched and researched ours and our daughter's options as it was clear that living at home with Mum and Dad was not going to fulfil her potential, socially, emotionally and promote her skills helping her to become more independent.

We feel privileged to have our daughter at Lucy Glyn, the staff work extremely professionally and diligently towards helping her achieve her goals. Our daughter has a very busy time table and is supported by Lucy Glyn to access lots of different activities and the community.

Lucy Glyn actually understand who our daughter is and her management plan which Lucy Glyn has compiled with the help of many professionals i.e. psychologists/doctors is helping her manage her life! She has made enormous progress during her time at Lucy Glyn we as her parents are so very grateful.

Thank you all at Lucy Glyn

Lynne and David (Parents of a Client Supported by Lucy Glyn Support Services)

 I like being supported by Lucy Glyn staff, I get to do all the things I enjoy doing. I really enjoy the events that are put on by Lucy Glyn weekly.

                                               (Domiciliary Client)

I have always enjoyed living at Lucy Glyn because I am treated like a celebrity. I enjoy every moment at LG, especially my artwork and canvases and visiting the seaside and national trusts.

                                               (Domiciliary Client)

I like going out with other clients.  Today we went to Hatton Country World and had lunch and went into the animals.  We fed the animals but the goat took the whole lot!  There were some baby pigs all piled on top of each other and there was a little one.

I liked the holiday with my housemate.  I like disco and games night, Saturday focus activity and watching a DVD all together

                                               (Domiciliary Client)

I do the things I enjoy at Lucy Glyn like getting my hair cut, going for drives, listening to music and dancing.

                                               (Domiciliary Client)